Bamann Gruppe

In 1917, Otto Assmann began producing the kitchen furniture manually. Then in 1929 the foundation of the company “Gebrüder Baumann” was created by the four Baumann brothers. Around 1953 the company begins to flourish even further, marking the date of entry into the kitchen export business. First countries of export of cuisines: Netherlands, Federal Republic of Germany, Soviet Union and Hungary.
In 1954 Wilhelm Baumann Company was founded with about 30 employees. But in 1960, Burger began remodeling furniture in kitchens; and

In this way, Baumann Gruppe has over 102 years of experience. There are already 1000 affiliates in different countries of the world. This company has a total turnover of 240 million euros per year.

MOBIN is the exclusive representative for the Balkans;
MOBIN has six subsidiaries in the territory of Kosovo; MOBIN – Fushë Kosovë, MOBIN – Gjilan, MOBIN – Peja, MOBIN – Ferizaj, MOBIN – Vushtrri and MOBIN – Prizren.

MOB IN’s mobile home has already expanded into the international market.
In cooperation with its European allies, BAUFORMAT, MOB IN offers quality cuisine for Germany as well as for all EU countries. You can receive kitchens directly at the factory in Löhne – Germany.
The kitchens have a 5 year warranty from the German manufacturer Bauformat itself and the best Austrian meats BLUM in the world.
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