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About Us

With a wide network of sales points and with a wide variety of qualitative products, MOB IN offers numerous choices for furnishing homes, offices, kitchens, gardens, and furnishings for the hotel sector, restaurants and cafes (HORECA ).

In software products MOB IN-it can find 70 models of bedrooms, about 80 models of rooms daylight skin and fabric, about 70 showcases and tv showcases, about 25 models of rooms for children, 60 kitchen models, around 79 models of tables, large selection of office inventory, over 200 models of curtains, design and sizes of carpets, utensils, and other household furnishings according to customer requirements.

Given the variety of great products, quality, functionality, design the perfect modern and classic furniture and price competitive products that Mobin offers in the market for a client, make MOB IN to be a leader in the furniture market in Kosovo and beyond .

So the goal of the company is to provide variety of products as the most modern and time to market, so that the client to make the selection of the most appropriate and best that I need.

Home furniture MOB IN offers these various mobile products for the home and office:

Bedrooms, kitchens, sofa leather and fabric, corner seat, beds, cupboard, cozy bedrooms for children, tlik tlak, tables and different tables, chairs, stationery, waiting room, curtains, carpets, textiles, blankets, pillow, quilt , mattress, blankets, accessories, garden, bathroom, kitchen and cooking utensils for Albania, accessories for kitchen, dining room, children and babies, decorations, paintings and photos of different children’s toys, lamps

The kitchens have a 5 year guarantee from the German manufacturer Bauformat, the delivery is made for only 21 days from Germany.

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